Esa Kuokka Oy

Esa Kuokka Oy – The Coolest

Every day Esa Kuokka Oy makes sure that thousands of chilled and refrigerated deliveries reach their destination in Finland. In the capital area, we use our own delivery trucks and work with a network of partners. Our partner network also covers the distribution elsewhere in Finland. The company turnover is some €20 million. We employ more than 200 people including our partners.

What puts Esa Kuokka Oy ahead of the curve is quality that is maintained using modern, fit for purpose vehicles and equipment, along with continuous driver education and developing our own state of the art transport management system (TMS). Esa Kuokka Oy’s tailored TMS keeps us updated on vehicle routes, loads, load space temperature, speed, idle running, fuel consumption and more.

We are responding to our customers’ and end-users’ growing environmental demands by constantly seeking to improve the utilisation rate and load capacity in our deliveries. Esa Kuokka Oy has put in place the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and an energy efficiency agreement.

The employees at Esa Kuokka Oy can be easily characterised as entrepreneurial. We also make sure that our employee’s skills and job satisfaction are looked after. The key is effective induction and continuous training as the drivers are representatives of Esa Kuokka Oy in the field. Each driver knows what the company values are and how those values affect their work. Esa Kuokka Oy wants to be the best place to work in Finland.